Semi-Trucks Use Auxiliary Power Units?


Axillary power units (APUs) are often used to lower the operation costs of different vehicles. The most common for a commercial semi-truck are diesel engines that contain their own cooling and heating systems, and either a generator or an alternator. Housed either within their own enclosure or on the frame rails, these self-operating units can also feature an inverter and an air conditioning compressor. They are often used in refrigerated or frozen food trucks, so that there is no issue with the food potentially spoiling due to the temperature. In addition, there are several benefits to owning an APU rather than just allowing a truck engine to idle.


drive-1867268_640The Department of Transportation within the United States demand that truck drivers must take 10 hours of rest for every 11 hours driving that they do. Hotels or motels can be a costly endeavor for companies or the individual, so most trucks are designed with areas that the driver can sleep in. However, doing this means that engines will often be idled so that the truck can receive heat, light and power to allow the driver to rest in comfort. Unsurprisingly this can be very expensive. It greatly increases fuel costs, engine hours, and the likelihood of engine maintenance and services being required. In addition, there is an increased security risk due to the keys needing to be left in the ignition for the power to be switched on.


Auxiliary power units are designed to work independently of the semi-truck engine and either keep temperatures at the levels they should be (in the case of a refrigerated or frozen food truck) or to provide heat, light and power to keep the driver comfortable whilst resting, as well as saving on fuel costs and engine wear. Typically, an auxiliary power unit can save around 20 US gallons (at 2 gallons per hour idling) of fuel per day, as well as extend the life of a competent engine between 90,000 and 100,000 miles. Some APUs, like the best selling hp2000 are designed as self-contained units, whilst others integrate the cooling, heating, and electrical components within the actual chassis of the truck. The engine for an auxiliary power unit is far smaller than the engine used to operate the truck, and therefore uses far less fuel. Depending on the model and quality, an APU can run for up to around 8 hours of just 1 US gallon of diesel. As most generators a powers the truck’s engine block and fuel system heaters, there is no need to run the APU for a period of time before the truck is started and driven away. Some auxiliary power units run on a hybrid diesel-electric system, which can save even more fuel and run far quieter than the truck engine, as well as reducing overall emissions and carbon footprint.

The benefits of having an APU in a semi-truck rather than allowing an engine to idle cannot be overstated. They reduce carbon footprint, engine wear, and fuel burning, all whilst ensuring that the driver can receive the comfort and warmth they would want after a long day of driving.

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Learning to Cook Vegan

ID-100478919Most people have always ignored taking their culinary skills to higher heights. The growth of food market and the need to consume healthy foods has led to the need to further the skills in vegan cooking. Attending the vegan schools has tremendous benefits in this competitive industry, and with several culinary schools in New York, you are guaranteed of quality studies. Discussed below are benefits of attending the Vegan school.

Broadening your culinary skills

Different regions offer different dishes. You must have entered into a restaurant and asked yourself how the dish was prepared and its ingredients? Most culinary schools do offer trainings on how different local foods are made. Most of the foods that you will learn to cook are mostly not found in many restaurants. The classes will get you discover the foods that you never imagined that existed.

Place to interact with other people

Most of the students in uptown New York natural chef school. Enrolling in any of the vegan school will give you an opportunity to interact with other travelers giving you the chance to learn other skills and to interact with others.

You get enough food

Attending the vegan schools will ensure that you don’t go hungry at all. The meals that you are preparing cannot be left in the school and that will ensure that you have enough meal and even carry some at home. You will also taste a variety of foods; therefore, you won’t waste your money buying food from the restaurants.

The class makes you have unique souvenir

You can imagine preparing food for the family in Chicago with the skills you learned from New York Culinary School. It can be a perfect souvenir for the household although some members may be quite hesitant to try the new meal.

Conducive and mellow schooling environment

Most of the New York schools do offer a mellow and happy atmosphere for the students. There are no special recipes in the vegan cooking classes, and you never know that it could be your new passion. In addition, the classes are shorter and fun as compared to other classes.

Learning to cook different vegan foods in New York culinary schools will boost your confidence in cooking and make the cooking more fun. Your will gain the basics and steps of cooking some types of food; therefore, your visitors can be assured of a nicely prepared and presented meal. You may also decide to go professional with your culinary skills and open a restaurant or be hired in a Mega restaurant.

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Regular Chiropractor Visits

A chiropractor is a trained health professional who use a variety of non-surgical treatments, such as spinal manipulation and mobilization to treat patients with back pain and neck pain. The process focuses on diagnosing and treating of neuromuscular disorders with an emphasis on treatment through manual adjustment and manipulation of the spine.

Chiropractors seek to reduce pain and improve the functionality of patients while educating them on how they can account for their own health via exercise, ergonomics and other therapies to treat back pain.

A constantly aching back and neck can make it more difficult to tackle work and activities that used to be easy. Therefore seeing a chiropractor regularly is important for everyone, the benefits are highlighted as follows:


1. Improves Happiness: the chiropractic practice has been shown to improve hormone balance. Decreasing the bad hormones and increasing the good ones makes the brain and body works differently and this determines how a person feels.

2. Improves sleep: Pain can make one unable to go about their daily routines. Stress of being unable to work can lead to increased blood pressure which leads to trouble in sleeping. Adjustments can help in attaining better overall health by helping speed the recovery.

3. Relieves stress: when the nervous system is out of line and the entire muscular and skeletal systems are not in a position, the entire body might feel out of line causing a great deal of physical and mental stress. Undergoing chiropractic the body will feel less tense and the message of relaxation will go to brain making one more equipped to manage stress.

4. Improves posture: regular chiropractic adjustments can help align tilting and curves in spine and improve the posture.

5. Improves the immune system: When doing the adjustments, subluxations that are preventing the nervous system from working properly are removed. Nervous system is in charge of sending and receiving information to and from the immune system. Keeping the nervous system working properly, means the immune system will start working better and this also ensures faster recovery of illness.

6. No drugs and hospitals: since the chiropractor does not use drugs, it is free from side effects. The process is natural and a wholesome way to resolving problems from general fatigue and pain in specific areas of the body.

7. Restores motion in joints: chiropractic adjustments help restores movement. It helps coax muscles surrounding stiff joints to relax which is important in restoring normal mobility.

8. Improves the body functionality: Chiropractic adjustments help restore normal function and movement to the entire parts of the body. This has an impact on overall ability to move efficiently with full strength.

Let spring hill chiropractors handle all of your future chiropractic visits and improve your health.


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Keep your vehicle cool on the road

809fa7526f6563d02c96e3b8aebfb5b4Are you constantly taking your vehicle in for air conditioning service? How is it that you rarely have to take your home refrigerator, yet they both use the same principle of air convection principle in keeping the surrounding environment in the desired temperature setting?

For those who know how this works, you know that the gas filled into the air conditioning system freezes when compressed and pumped through the tubing and condensation takes place, and that’s how you get your cold air. Without getting into the finer details, you may have an answer to why you have had to take your vehicle for air conditioning repairs so often.

The answer is right there; the air condition system should be air tight, with no leaks from the Freon inside the tubes in the system. This is just one of the reasons why you should seek vehicle air conditioning service from a trained, professional auto repair shop.


Just like many other repairs on your vehicle, you should seek a qualified person, and repair shop for that matter, for the following reasons:

1. Cost.

The cost that you may incur when carrying out repairs from a good auto repair shop may be high, but I can say this is justified in so many ways. If you look at a job that is not professionally done, you are bound to find mistakes. Look at it this way. If a good repair shop has invested in its personnel to learn how best to repair air conditioning systems, you would expect the cost to be reflected in the repair charges that you pay. This way, you are assured of a good job, done right the first time.

2. Satisfaction.

A good vehicle air conditioning service done by professionals can be witnessed at first hand. I remember once taking my vehicle for air conditioning repair and the shop had an infrared digital temperature meter. What it does it measure the exact temperature of the air blowing from every air vents. That is one great investment that adds to the customer satisfaction.


The bottom line is that they are professionally trained service personnel who can do a good job on your vehicle and keep it on the road

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Winterize your boat with Yamaha oil

sportboat_03It has come to the end of the season and it is time to put away the water skis and the Hawaiian vests. The winter days are nearing and it is time to winterize your boat with Yamaha Oil. This will improve the maintenance of your boat. When your boat is properly winterized with Yamaha oil, it will prevent your engine from costly damage that can result from freezing, corrosion, moisture and dormancy and this will allow for a smooth launch come the spring time. The best place to keep your boat during winter is out of water and in a climate controlled area. However, this can be expensive at times if you don’t have a proper storage facility. Also it is good to ensure that your boat is well covered with sturdy cover or a tarp.

Yamaha oil is the best solution to protect your boat throughout the winter season.

Failure to fog your boat cylinders with Yamaha oil may cause a severe rust which can make the boat engine get damaged. When you don’t flush the cooling system and drain the gear oil the trapped water can freeze and destroy the expensive boat. You only need few hours to work on your boat maintenance with Yamaha Oil and you get your job well done. Yamaha oil is cheap, easy to apply on your boat, and do not need any special skills to get the job done. Many mechanics prefer and recommend boat fanatics to use Yamaha Oil for the engine maintenance of their boats.

Yamaha oil needs a few steps to be followed when applying the same on your engine which include;

1. Cleaning your boat engine first before applying Yamaha oil which is a rust inhibitor and also apply it on your steering and control cables. Don’t forget to apply Yamaha oil on any other enclosed lockers or compartments.

2. Drain the fluid in your engine, the water pumps, manifolds, and the coolers. Ensure that you drain all the fluids and water in the drain plugs. Then fill Yamaha oil in the gear cases and the engine itself.

3. Fill the oil tank with Yamaha oil which will prevent engine rusting during the winter season. You will have no problem at all when summer time comes.

4. Replace the fuel water separators, change the oil and oil filters with Yamaha oil which is the best to protect your boat engine during winter.

5. Lubricate your engine coupler and stern drive gimbal bearing with Yamaha oil. Ensure that you inspect all the areas that need to be lubricated and apply the Yamaha oil on all the engine bearings. Test run your boat engine and spray Yamaha oil on the cylinders. This will protect your engine parts from corrosion.

Above all it is good to store your boat in a safe place or a place that is temperature controlled to avoid any damage during the winter which can be costly to repair. Finally ensure that you put enough Yamaha oil to your engine to prevent rust. For more information on marine oil please visit DOMO.

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Endless Benefits of Motorcycle Insurance

Insurance companies in Marion are doing a great job of helping people to secure their investment by offering the best plans at best possible rates. They are designed with various types of motorcycle insurance Marion plans, which cover all sorts of your losses and damage, whether it is property, motorcycle or life. For decades, these companies have been helping people with the lowest rates and best plan to increase the safety & protection of their cars, business, home, and families.

3dc0996f486b17c666f1fbd17a3bcb37The importance of having reliable insurance with proper coverage limits.

It’s always important to take the advantages of Motorcycle insurance quotes from Williams that provided by the company. There are various benefits associated with taking online plans, which include: –

1. One can claim without making a call to your agent of the concerned company.

2. You can pay your monthly premium by online, and you may get a discount for sign up with them the internet.

3. You can make any inquiries efficiently.

4. It is possible to compare the price to another company among others.

If your vehicle damaged to another person or you, the company would pay you to recover your losses.


The reliable companies in Marion offer comprehensive motorcycle insurance Marion plans along with great features, including- Lowest Rates, Exceptional Claims Service 24/7, Tickets, Accidents, Rates as Low as $10 Per Month, No Prior OK, Best Plans for all motorcycles, Instant Coverage Via Fax/Phone/Email among others. All the Cycle insurance rates are available at cheap rates. Also, the company has highly-expert and knowledgeable professionals that understand the marketplace and the realities of YOUR needs!


Motorcycle insurance Marion companies are designed with state-of-the-art computer systems to comparative computer rating service as well as for policy services. As the specialists, these companies are dedicated to serving clients excellent services at best rates. Presently, they represent several leading companies rather than any single providers. Customers’ satisfaction is their primary goal.

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Benefits of freight factoring for semi trucking

semi-952037_640Freight companies are one of the worst types of companies to be involved with and the reason for this is due to the fact that they will find themselves especially vulnerable to poor cash flow problems by virtue of the fact that many of their customers do not settle their outstanding accounts when and as required. As the freight company has to anxiously wait for the customers to finally get around to paying the money that is owed, the freight company will still be fully liable for the various expenses that they will incur such as the cost of maintenance of their vehicles, along with the cost of fuel and wages.

While some of the expenses such as the cost of the wages of the employees and even the cost of raw materials from suppliers can be delayed for a period of time, some expenses such as the cost of fuel as the delivery vehicles are en route to make a delivery cannot, and therefore must be settled there and then. In short, a freight company will have to have a ready supply of working capital at hand, in order to settle and satisfy sundry expenses that will invariably crop up.

This is where freight factoring comes into play, and quite frankly, it has been described as the owners of freight companies as the savior of their business as it means that they are able to settle their own debts in a timely manner. For some curious reason, it would seem that many people are of the opinion that freight factoring is in some way radically different from to ordinary invoice factoring. It’s not.

Indeed, freight factoring is nothing more than the process of factoring… with the only crucial difference being that it used within the world of freight delivery.

Therefore, a freight company will effectively “sell” a volume of invoices that have an outstanding balance owed on them by customers to a factoring agency, who will in return for the invoices that they received, then provide an upfront sum of money to the freight company. The amount of money provided by the factoring agency will be directly contingent upon the net value of the invoices that have been submitted, and so this makes life a lot easier for the freight company who can settle debts instantly.


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